Will I receive a Kitces Course completion certificate?

Will I receive a Kitces Course completion certificate?

Once you have completed and passed the course, you will be prompted to download a course completion certificate. You can also download your certificate by signing into your Learner portal and completing the following steps: 

  1. Click Home
  2. On the vertical panel to the right, click Progress
  3. Click Certifications from the horizontal menu bar at the top
  4. Click the circle icon below Options to download your certificate
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    • How long will advisors have access to the course?

      The course has no end date, however, the content may be modified or deleted if no longer relevant or applicable when considering current industry standards, practices, or legal framework.
    • Are the Kitces Courses CE-eligible? How is CE reported?

      The courses are eligible for Continuing Education for CFP, CPE, and American College certifications as well as most other relevant certifications. Kitces.com will report CE for CFP, IWI, and American College certifications on your behalf each month. ...
    • What is the refund policy for Kitces Courses?

      Advisors may receive a full refund for Kitces Courses within 45 days of purchase or prior to completing the course, whichever comes first.
    • Where do I add my certification number information for Kitces Courses?

      You are asked to enter this your certification number when signing up for the course, but you can add it easily by signing into your learner portal and completing the following steps: Hover your mouse over Learner in the top-right menu to see a ...
    • I’m a Premier Member. How do I use the Premier coupon?

      Simply visit the course page and click the green button that says “Course Sign Up for Premier Members” to view the coupon code. Then at checkout, click “Got a coupon?” and enter your discount. Tax Return Course Social Security Optimization Course